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With approval from the Archdiocese of Vilnius Lithuania, we produce the only officially authorized reproductions of the Original Image of Divine Mercy in the world!

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Our custom canvas reproductions are perfect for schools, churches, retreat centers, or personal home devotion


(Please note: these custom canvas images take approx 2-3 weeks for production & delivery)

Custom Canvas

The authentic reproductions we sell of The Original Image of Divine Mercy are exact replicas made from a single, stunning, hi-resolution digital scan (not a photograph) which was used for the making of the documentary The Original Image of Divine Mercy (2016). The precise reproduction quality of our fine art prints of the UNALTERED Original Image of Divine Mercy (“The Vilnius Image”) is finally doing justice to the beauty of the Kazimirowski masterpiece as detailed by Saint Faustina Kowalska in a way that has never been done before.

This digital scan has been exclusively licensed to Springtime Productions in order to make the best reproductions of the Original Image available for the first time in the U.S.  

Each print is uniquely numbered and has the official copyright stamp from the Archdiocese of Vilnius.

(If you don't see the size of print you want, visit the Custom Prints Page for more information)

A brief history of the image, printed on fine parchment paper, is included with every print order. 

The difference in quality between our prints and prints avaialble elsewhere is undeniable and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.



We use high-end Archival Canvas for printing - an authentic canvas surface that looks and feels like an artist's canvas. This is not the economy-grade rubbery and highly reflective material used for Gallery Wraps. Each image also has a non–reflective protective finish/coating to simulate the flat/matte look of the original masterpiece as closely as possible. 


In our unending quest to present The Original Image of Divine Mercy in the finest, most accurate, and most beautiful way possible, we have been let in on a little-known secret among museum archivists and art connoisseurs - the Silk-Canvas Blend! Printing Saint Faustina's Masterpiece of Mercy on this smooth yet sturdy material has brought the beauty of the image to another level of quality. Flat/matte and non-reflective, like our Canvas Prints, our Silk-Canvas Blend Prints are able to make visible even the slightest distinction in color while adding slightly more pronunciation to every fine detail of the priceless original work of art. 


We print Saint Faustina's Masterpiece with perfect color and detail accuracy in any size - large or small - on the finest quality materials. Your can select one of our standard print sizes or CONTACT US about custom dimensions to fit any space to your exact specification.

The Original Image of Divine Mercy painted by Kazimirowski measures 45" X 90" - slightly taller than twice its width.



All Canvas and Silk-Blend images that are ordered without a frame are wrapped and stretch mounted on a ridged skeleton.


All orders with framing are custom made by hand.  Authentic plaques are affixed to each frame the same way Saint Faustina designed it to be. Faustina never saw the inscription superimposed onto the dark part of the canvas under the feet of the Merciful Jesus as is often presented. The painting of her mystical vision was left unaltered and we will always present it in the same way. 

FREE Shipping on each Custom Canvas order!  (may not apply to other items in your cart at the same time).

We currently offer three unique frame styles to choose from, Ornate Gold, Classic Wood, and Authentic Replica (which is a close match to the frame currently adorning the Original Image in Vilnius, Lithuania). 

(Actual frames may differ slightly)


Custom Framing Comparison

We offer a wide variety of sizes.  Please refer to the image below to give yourself an idea of size and scale.  The largest image (45" x 90") reflects the actual size of the Original Image of Divine Mercy as painted by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski.


These are dimensions for unframed canvas and prints.  Frames will make the final dimensions slightly taller and wider.  Please contact us if you have questions about exact measurements.  We can make custom prints to fit any space or niche.

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